Axacraft is a global digital transformation business. Unparalleled engineering and product innovation.

About Axacraft

From the client side to a fresh approach in digital consultancies.

Axacraft provides digital transformation services to help companies modernize their operations and compete in today’s digital world.  We offer digital strategy offerings with a wide range of design & engineering services, such as website and app design and development, data engineering, and analytics. By partnering with us, companies can tap into a wealth of expertise and resources to drive their digital transformation and achieve their business goals.

Digital strategy

We can help your enterprise develop a plan of action for achieving business goals through digital technologies, channels, and assets.


We can bring engineering principles, resources and practices for development of your software: design, testing, and maintenance.

Axacraft executive talking on the phone.

As former Fortunate 100 executives, we've seen big agency consulting. Now we compete with them.

We came from companies like Starbucks and MGM Resorts, and we've purchased those huge PowerPoints. We started Axacraft to be a new breed of digital partner, staffed by experienced digital professionals who deeply understand the latest technologies and market trends.  From the world's leading software companies, we recruit individuals who bring top-tier engineering, strategy, product and design capability.

Our expertise

We a global digital transformation company with expertise across strategy and innovation, experience design, and engineering. But these are the areas where we particularly shine.

Digital transformation

Digital product



Customer data

Continuous Delivery (incl. DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud architecture, Security)

Artificial Intelligence

Data Engineering

Our services

We offer consulting services in four main categories: Strategy, Tech, Design, and Data. Our services range from digital and product strategy to tech development, design, and data analytics. We specialize in digital strategy, mobile and web development, APIs & microservices, machine learning & AI, and business intelligence.


  • Digital strategy
  • Digital sales
  • Product strategy
  • Tech strategy
  • Product management
  • Project management
  • Program management


  • Architecture & Strategy
  • Mobile development (iOS, Android)
  • AI and ChatGPT development
  • Web development
  • APIs & microservices
  • Data science & Big Data
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOpsSecurity & DevSecOps


  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Prototyping
  • UI & UX design
  • 3D design
  • Motion design
  • Design systems


  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Data Exploration and Visualization
  • Data Mining and Text Analytics
  • Data Strategy and Consulting
  • Data Integration and ETL
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Migration

A great digital strategy is a good start. Winning in the weeds is where we help clients find a serious advantage.

We work hard to learn your business.  We learn quickly, listen well and do everything we can to ensure our client’s money goes towards real solutions that have business impact. Then, we bring the very best digital talent to the table for the far more important phase - execution. Perfection is always elusive but our approach combines both speed and epic execution made possible by incredible digital talent.

Axacraft strategy and digital for every digital transformation or product initiative.

Experience & Product
Strategy & Innovation
Data & AI
Cloud & Platforms
Managed Services
Digital Leadership & Recruiting

When Axacraft gets the call, it's often from companies that are already leaders in their sector.

Our clientele is always on the move, continuously pushing the boundaries. As a result, they frequently occupy leading positions within their respective categories. Our expertise as operators and actionable digital capabilities enable us to assist them in their pursuit of even greater ambitions. Our team, which continues to expand, has collaborated with companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100s, to develop top-notch digital products and elevate engineering and design teams.

“Our approach is refreshingly straightforward and distinctive. Our company revolves around digital experts who are fluent in the language of the C-suite and possess specialized skills in product development, design, and engineering, making them the elite special forces of the digital world.”
Kelly Smith
Axacraft founder
Portrait of Axacraft founder, Kelly Smith.

At our core, we are big thinkers and skilled practitioners who excel in the nitty-gritty. We develop highly effective, practical digital strategies for our clients, supported by exceptional product delivery methods. Some big agencies want you to know about the hundreds or thousands of developers they employ. Our focus is on delivering elevated experiences that matter: fast time-to-value, superior quality, speed, and, ultimately, making a significant business impact for the customers who trust us.

Kelly Smith
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our mission.

Become the leading enabler of digital transformation agendas and craft digital experiences that humans find exceptional.

Our vision.

Deliver transformative digital products through people-focused practices which combine exceptional talent with empathy.

Our values.

We have the courage to make difficult promises and the integrity to keep them. We learn and collaborate to solve our clients' problems. We value the diversity of perspectives that comes from all places and people.


Understand the zeitgeist of a particular moment.

We have a saying - "find the "high order bit" in every project and in every conversation if you can. Then work down from there. Focus on outcomes. Learn the client's business. Share an understanding of what "great" would look like.

We do what we say.

We don't make commitments we can't keep. Sometimes we make aggressive commitments. Whatever it takes to come through on our promises is what we strive to do. Making our client's look good is something we take very seriously. They took a chance on us. We don't leave them hanging.

We never forget the human element.

Digital transformation is sometimes about digital. Mostly it's about people. We focus on how we become better people with each engagement and we care about how we can elevate each person we meet on the client side. Every person gets the benefit of the doubt. Better things happen when everyone feels comfortable brainstorming, experimenting and thinking outside the box. Each person's well-being is the "high-order bit."

Success to us is making client teams better.

What energizes us is when our clients build a more resilient digital culture as part of their engagement. This enables them to respond better to ever-changing customer expectations, market conditions, and local or global events.

We are excited to share our unique culture.

We bring our hard-earned learnings to each conversion with hopes that they can accelerate our clients own ambitions and dreams. But ultimately, we think it's our unique culture that really resonates with our long-standing clients. We have a lot of square pegs in round holes here.

What is it like to work at Axacraft?

Imagine a world where geography is no obstacle to living and working. Imagine collaborating with a community of exceptional individuals who share your values and aspirations, and, together, accomplishing meaningful work that leaves a lasting impact. This is the world we're building.