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Data strategy and growth.

Analytics Architecture

With the Axacraft approach to analytics architecture we build a comprehensive map of the current analytics infrastructure, determine the future set of tools and services, and create a roadmap to the ecosystem that serve business objective best. Our approach to analytics architecture has helped teams across industries, including retail, banking and social media understand their data positioning, consolidate tools and API’s needed for their solution and validate the direction of their data infrastructure future. Axacraft's goal is to make sure that team resources are empowered with knowledge to make informed decisions and are able to clearly articulate why they made their choices.

Email Automation

Marketing automation is your marketing team's secret weapon. It can improve your customer experience and increase sales; however, only if used correctly. At Axacraft, we can help you approach this hot topic with a new strategic mindset. We do this by creating a framework for data segmentation, and designing and optimizing your existing campaigns/customer journeys to increase engagement, as well as boost conversions. Our team has worked with all kinds of powerful tools for email marketing automation, and we can help you pick services that fit you business needs.

Analytics Reporting

Analytics reporting is more than just a lower-funnel marketing deliverable; it's a critical tool that gives you the necessary data to guide and support your funnel decisions. However, often times the insights you need for effective decisions can be buried in mountains of data. With Axacraft Analytics Reporting, we make sure your analytics data is audited. We provide a framework for collection, reporting, analysis and insight. We create reports that answer pressing business questions. We deliver actionable insight on user acquisition and engagement tactics that have proven successful in converting qualified users into new customers.

Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a powerful tool that allows you to pull normalized data from a variety of sources, and send it to a variety of destinations with identity resolution. Implementing a CDP (or fixing the one you have) is a great way to standardize data collection and provide a pipeline for all your tools and drive good data governance. We have years of experience implementing Customer Data Platforms, including Amperity, Segment, Rudderstack, Mparticle, and Amplitude. We helped businesses visualize the opportunities that CDP can deliver, create detailed user journeys and properly implement them to drive business value.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) team will work with you to optimize individual elements of your sales funnel. We'll look at how you can increase your conversion rate, starting with benchmark data and testing different versions of your landing pages, e-commerce flow, and checkout process. Our team can help you increase the number of qualified leads and drive more sales by focusing on specific parts of your marketing funnel. With testing, data analysis, and the right implementation plan we help you identify which changes will provide the biggest impact on your business.

Capture engagement and create better products.
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Capture engagement and create better products.

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Data Engineering

Axacraft Data Engineering team are experts at piping data from non-standard sources and API endpoints into the data warehouse so that we can apply the best Analytics Engineering principles.  We work with Stitch, Fivetran, Hitouch, and Census to enable the creation of pipelines for enterprise-level analytics that are scalable, reliable, and flexible. We also work with customers to reverse engineer data out of the warehouse for their analytical tools of choice. Our goal is always to make companies and their customers successful by providing better insights faster than ever before.

Analytics Engineering

Axacraft Analytics Engineering team applies software engineering best practices like version control and continuous integration to the analytics code base. This ensures that we have a robust, scalable, and agile system that can handle the complex computational requirements of our customers. We have leveraged our expertise in open-source technologies like Scala and Spark to create scalable, extensible frameworks for big data analysis. We aim to minimize errors and inconsistencies, improve reliability, reduce time to market by providing engineers with more stable software, and increase productivity through automation

Data science

Gain customer insights to reveal details about habits, demographics, preferences, and aspirations.

Axacraft can supplement experience teams or provide a foundational understanding of data science which can help make sense of data and leverage it to improve user experiences and inform retargeting efforts.

Increased security

Use data science to increase your business’s security and protect sensitive information. For example, machine-learning algorithms can detect bank fraud faster and with greater accuracy than humans because of the sheer volume of data generated daily. 

Informed finances

Your financial team can use data science to create reports, generate forecasts, and analyze economic trends. Data on a company’s cash flows, assets, and debts is constantly gathered, which financial analysts use to manually or algorithmically detect trends in financial growth or decline.

Streamlined manufacturing

Manufacturing machines gather data from production processes at high volumes. In cases where the volume of data collected is too high for a human to manually analyze it, an algorithm can be written to clean, sort, and interpret it quickly and accurately to gather insights that drive cost-saving improvements.

Predicted future market trends

Collecting and analyzing data on a larger scale can enable you to identify emerging trends in your market. By staying up to date on the behaviors of your target market, you can make business decisions that allow you to get ahead of the curve.

Gain customer insights to reveal details about habits, demographics, preferences, and aspirations.
We bring (and train) key players to the data team.

We bring (and train) key players to the data team.

Many of our clients are versed in gathering and interpreting data. As their organization grows, however, it becomes increasingly important to have employees whose job is specifically anchored around data. Axacraft provides the capabilities and structure to work side-by-side with an organization so that its culture becomes one rooted in savvy data practices.

Excel in data science for business & gain a competitive advantage.

Axacraft can help your enterprise understand data science and data analytics and how it relates to organizational success. We can create a data-driven framework for your organization and help your teams understand key techniques. If your teams are experienced already, we can offer high-performance teams even more capability.

Axacraft brings change to enterprise development with low-code.