Digital Transformation.
We've been there.

Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation challenges? We've been there ourselves. Everything we learned has become what Axacraft is about.

We know that there is a conundrum for management: digital transformations are difficult to execute. And with so much on the line, only 30% of transformations succeed in achieving their objectives. There are good reasons for this, too. Delivering such fundamental change at scale in large, complex organizations is challenging, especially with short-term pressures. This is where Axacraft comes in.

Axacraft Digital Transformation Consultant working on a laptop.

Our clients recognize that technology continues to change the nature of how they operate.

By embracing digital transformation, we enable enterprises to better compete in an increasingly digital world. In doing so, they are well-positioned to thrive in the years ahead.

“Digital transformation is a well-planned journey. We ensure that the digital transformation strategy stays on track by setting achievable and measurable outcomes, always aligning them with the business goals, and adjusting the action course as needed. ”
Kelly Smith
Founder, Axacraft
Holistic strategy

The "digital" part of digital transformation is important. But it's not everything.

Yes, digital transformation integrates all of an organization’s lines of business from across the enterprise to continuously collect and analyze data on customers and citizens and to turn that data into actionable insight that creates responsive business models. But we don't try to do it all at once. We move step-by-step, working with leadership to stack up win after win. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Our ability to break down a transformation strategy into small, actionable steps is what makes us very different from large agencies.

With so much at stake to build digital capabilities that drive customer centricity and productivity, why do so many companies fail? As former Fortune 100 executives, we have led Digital Transformation efforts that worked. Let us share what we've learned.

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What drives digital transformation success? We can start with three questions.


Why are we doing this?

Do the company need to become more responsive to rapidly shifting customer needs? Does the productivity need a step change improvement? Is the company losing it's ability to innovate?


What should we do?

The scope of digital transformations varies widely, from focusing on people (for example, agile at scale) to overhauling technology and infrastructure, replacing legacy IT platforms, and moving to the cloud. Many companies focus on specific business outcomes, such as personalization and digital marketing, end-to-end customer journeys, digital supply chains, and digital shared services.


How do we do it?

There are many questions around leadership, governance, resourcing, focus, approach (such as using pilots, incubators, or lighthouses), and sequencing. How do we make sure that product, channels, and support functions work in unison with the technology function, and how do we get middle management on board?

How Winners Win

Digital transformations can define careers as well as companies. The fundamental question on the minds of all business leaders must be: “How can I ensure that my organization is among the 30% of successful transformers?” This is where we come in.

Leverage our experience in your Digital Transformation.

Most companies go through some version of a Digital Transformation. Only a few succeed. At Axacraft, we help companies excel in Digital Transformation, reducing their chances of failure. We bring prior experience, top talent and a thorough approach that makes Digital Transformation work.