Digital leadership.
On-demand CPOs, CDOs, CXOs, and CMOs.

Leadership Offering

What is on-demand digital leadership?

An on-demand digital executive is a professional who has extensive experience in their industry and offers management services on a for-hire contract. Axacraft is paving the way for digital executives specifically: CIO, CSO, CDO, CTO, CPO and CXO. These hard to find executives are leveraged by our clients who need highly-skilled professionals but aren't ready to commit to a full time role.

Culture enhancement

On demand executives enable organizations to elevate their own culture, further preparing for an increasingly digital future.

Capability enhancement

In many cases, we're helping our client deliver on strategy, while up-skilling the existing team. This cuts across digital strategy, development & design.

“The secret to their success is their ability to attract incredible talent. Within days, we were reviewing candidates.”
Prakash Ranjan
VP Marketing Technology, Alo Yoga

Elevate the effectiveness of your organization with the rapid benefits of fractional leadership.

Executive leadership on demand is a new model that combines efficient, cost-effective services with best-in-class talent. This model has many benefits, including faster results, a fresh perspective, and real, tangible returns. It is perfect for scaling businesses of any size looking to establish or reestablish a role or department.

Leadership Elevation

We can coach and mentor top leaders of your developing organization in their digital transformation efforts.

Most organizations desperately need fresh perspectives. Through our on-demand leadership, you're not only getting another viewpoint – you’re gaining an authoritative voice that can immediately start effecting change with real, tangible returns. Our fractional leadership models allow us to bring strategic alignment, grounded in our execution-based theory, to your organization.


Axacraft offers a flexible digital leadership solution that jump starts initiatives and tapers off as required.

Nearly 80% of executives believe that on-demand leadership can give them a competitive advantage, but in order to use it efficiently, they need to be able to match their situation with the skills and experience they need. With a deep understanding of the needs of individual clients, on-demand executives are able to offer expertise without compromising flexibility.

Fractional CEO

A fractional CEO can help you develop and implement a long-term vision for your business, as well as set strategy and give guidance on day-to-day operations. Pay only a fraction of the cost and receive invaluable direction for your company culture, marketing efforts, product development, and sales.

Fractional COO

Hired for an assigned period of time, you can learn from the experience and expertise of a Chief Operating Officer who has successfully navigated the challenges of businesses like yours. Let our COOs take care of the nitty-gritty details while you focus on your company's big-picture goals.

Fractional CDO

Chief Digital Officer on demand leads the digital transformation of an organization by applying their digital expertise to drive growth and profitability. A CDO creates and maintains a strategic vision, leading digital innovation and adoption across the enterprise.

Fractional CPO

From ideation to launch to post-launch analysis, a fractional Chief Product Officer can help you every step of the way as you bring a new product to market. Our CPOs will work with you to understand your target market, develop a product roadmap, and create go-to-market strategies.

Fractional CISO

Cybersecurity is more important than ever in the present digitized world. A fractional Chief Information Security Officer can help you create and implement a comprehensive security strategy, as well as ensure that your systems and data are safe from cyberattacks.

Fractional CTO

A fractional Chief Technical Officer is responsible for the technical direction of your company. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to improve upon existing systems, our CTOs can help you develop and implement the right technology solutions for your business.

We will put you at the helm by matching you with the right fractional digital executive for your business. Schedule your 60 minute, no-cost consultation with Axacraft today.