We use a proven process that starts with developing context and strategy.

Axacraft team doing client research.


The first part of our process involves meeting with the client to understand the business goals and objectives, target audience, and competitors. Key deliverables &
example activities include: Discovery, Interviews, OKRs, Audits & Benchmarks.

Axacraft team working on a client strategy.


Axacraft will develop a strategy to achieve our client's goals, which may include a digital marketing plan, website design and development plan, and content creation plan.

Whiteboard with UX flows.

Design and Development.

Axacraft will create designs for the website or other digital assets, and then develop them into functional products.

Axacraft analytics developer at the computer.

Testing and Launch.

Axacraft will test the website, app or other digital assets to ensure they function properly and meet our client's requirements. Once testing is complete, we will release and monitor the project while learning for optimization opportunities as data comes in.

Developer reviewing system log files.

Maintenance and Optimization.

Axacraft will provide ongoing maintenance and optimization services to ensure the website, app or other digital assets continue to perform well and meet our client's needs.

Axacraft will develop reports on application effectiveness.

Analytics and Reporting.

Axacraft will track and analyze the performance of the website, app or other digital assets, and provide regular reports to our client on their effectiveness.

Common deliverables and activities that come from the Axacraft process.


Outlining your organization's short and long-term business goals and identifying the digital initiatives to help you get there.


Driving efficiency through comprehensive assessment and rationalization of your tech assets, focusing on the optimization of hardware and software spend across the enterprise.


Designing and building transformative tech solutions that drive your innovation and are focused on cloud platforms, data and analytics, custom application development, and systems integration.

IT Program Leadership
IT Program Leadership

Driving your projects to be successful by providing true leadership along with analytical and problem-solving oversight.

True digital success begins with a clearly defined strategy.

Relying on advanced analytics and data to predict and optimize every phase of a project's lifecycle.

After identifying gaps we will often create an ROI model and measure it through our analytics tools. Axacraft’s team transforms the customer (or employee) experience into measurable business outcomes like more sales and revenue, better visibility into the market, increased productivity among staff, and more awareness of brand value.


We work fast and gain momentum.

We focus on only those components that deliver real business value - fast, significant revenue growth, and innovation.  Our aim is to help get clients get there in months, not years. The entire Axacraft process is systematic so that we can achieve velocity and unlock results.