Digital Labs - we can help create your innovation hub.

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Axacraft Labs exists to help our clients build the next generation of world-changing products and companies.

To make our digital labs program work, we bring together big minds, big ideas, and a lot of experience. Axacraft provides an entirely new model for helping enterprise clients turn ideas into market-defining products, departments or even venture-funded spin-out companies. A "digital lab" can play a critical role in driving an enterprise's digital transformation efforts by fostering innovation, agility, collaboration, customer experience, and talent attraction and retention.

What benefits can corporations realize with a digital labs venture?



Digital labs provide a space for enterprises to experiment with new technologies and test innovative ideas before implementing them on a larger scale. This allows enterprises to stay ahead of their competition by rapidly developing new products and services.



Digital labs enable enterprises to respond quickly to changes in the market and customer needs. By testing and iterating new ideas in a controlled environment, enterprises can identify and address potential issues before launching products or services to the market.



Digital labs often bring together employees from different departments and areas of expertise to work on digital transformation initiatives. This collaboration can lead to new insights and innovative solutions that would not have been possible with siloed teams.


Customer Experience

Digital labs can help enterprises improve their customer experience by creating new digital products and services that meet the evolving needs and preferences of their customers.



Digital labs can also help enterprises attract and retain top digital talent by providing an exciting and dynamic work environment where employees can work on cutting-edge technologies and innovations.


Risk mitigation

An incubator or digital lab can help the enterprise mitigate risk by allowing them to test and validate new ideas and products before investing significant resources in them.


Competitive Advantage

An incubator or digital lab can give the enterprise a competitive advantage by enabling them to be the first to market with new products and services.


Revenue Growth

An incubator or digital lab can help the enterprise drive revenue growth by creating new products and services that meet the needs of their customers and bring in new sources of revenue.

Labs launch in the automotive insurance sector

Hagerty launches Digital Labs initiative to help build and scale tech-driven solutions for the automotive enthusiast industry.

We helped Hagerty blaze new digital roads in the automotive insurance sector. We’re car lovers who are intent on accelerating the industry through revolutionary technology exploration.

Picture of Hagerty Mobile App.
Labs launch in the automotive insurance sector

Our multidisciplinary digital labs teams are comprised of business builders, startup founders, engineers and innovators who excel at problem solving and unlocking opportunities for our global clients.

Axacraft Labs provides an entirely new model for helping enterprise clients turn the best ideas into market-defining products, departments or even venture-funded spin-out companies. We can be your dream swiss-army-knife labs pilots.

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Executing on new, breakout ideas is hard. We can help set your company up with the Labs playbook.
We've built digital labs within large enterprises and we know that it requires domain expertise, uncommon talent, great execution, great timing, and a little luck. (It also helps to have some ever-elusive great ideas.) The Axacraft team has developed the playbook on how to rapidly validate, refine, and build new businesses and we can show your organization how to set up a digital lab.
Our process for developing digital labs and enterprise incubators.


Define the scope and objectives: The first step in creating a digital lab is to define the scope and objectives of the lab. This includes identifying the specific digital technologies or capabilities the lab will focus on, the business goals it will support, and the expected outcomes.



Identify the team: Once the scope and objectives are defined, enterprises need to identify the team that will be responsible for running the digital lab. This team should include a mix of technical experts, business analysts, and project managers who can work together to develop and test new digital solutions.



Determine the budget: Enterprises need to determine the budget required to set up and operate the digital lab. This includes costs associated with hardware, software, infrastructure, and personnel.



Set up the lab: Once the budget is defined, enterprises can set up the digital lab by installing the necessary hardware and software, creating the necessary infrastructure, and configuring the lab environment to support the specific digital technologies being tested.



Develop the process: Enterprises need to develop a process for testing and iterating new digital solutions in the lab. This process should include a clear set of guidelines for developing and testing new digital solutions, as well as metrics for evaluating the success of each test.