Application modernization: transforming outdated systems into cloud-native applications

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Deliver business value through digital transformation.

Modernizing applications can help organizations cut costs, improve customer experience, and generate new revenue streams. In many cases, however, this is easier said than done. That’s because the IT systems that drive these applications were developed under different assumptions—and into a different business environment. Existing systems may not be able to handle new technologies such as AI, robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain technology, analytics, and cloud in an efficient manner.
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Application modernization is at the heart of innovation and digital transformation initiatives.

The challenge with traditional, on-premises servers is that they limit the ability to scale and adapt. Cloud, on the other hand, offers all three: agility for rapid application development, scalability for future growth, and openness for new applications or collaboration with other users in your organization or industry.

At Axacraft, we help you make informed decisions based on your goals.

We help you leverage IT to its fullest potential, ensuring mission-critical systems run smoothly and securely. We work with you every step of the way, from connecting legacy systems to modernizing platforms, to migrating applications and their projections into agile cloud environments.
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The generation of knowledge helps organizations increase the value they offer.

The ongoing application modernization is a process that enables the transformation of your business and working processes: from manual to online, from paper-based to digital. A modernized application will generate profits, enhance business processes and ensure better results for customers.

Tech stack assessment

This service provides an accurate understanding of your legacy applications and infrastructure, enabling us to develop a business case around renewing existing applications. This can be achieved through a combination of inspections, architecture reviews, assessments and gap analysis.


Cloud migration

Migration services improve performance and reduce costs. We help our customers move their applications into a standards-based environment that is powered by cloud technologies, which provides significant benefits in terms of development efficiency and enhanced productivity.


Seamless integrations

Supermesa is an integration specialist. We help companies automate the flow of data between different systems and applications. Our experts can help you create a smooth connection between your IT systems, enabling you to connect and synchronize data between your different application platforms.